A short film can not be described, told, stereotyped: laid on by a single rule, to last between 60 seconds and 60 minutes, it offers the filmmaker an entire freedom of creation. In this short timeframe one presents an idea, a thought, a story or a point of view, ingeniously addressed, in order to overwhelm, sensitize and raise awareness of the audience regarding this form of art.


Without any doubt, art and culture are incredibly influent and exhilarating experiences for the society The festivals are likely to be successful in generating a stimulating and joyful collective atmosphere among people. These are wonderful tools to achieve public needs regarding cinematography, to introduce new visions and ideas, to share the sense of art and cultural reflections.

An International Short Film Festival is a novelty in the Republic of Moldova , but is likely to receive appreciation and genuine international reputation.

MOSAIC Short FilmFestival comes with an ideal formula for capturing audience attention through multiple ways and creates a festive framework in the cultural context.

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